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Please note: All cards will have a base shimmer silver treatment that is not shown in the preview.

Use your reloadable TXB Gift Card toward the purchase of fuel and merchandise at any participating TXB/Kwik Chek store location. For a list of locations nearest you, or to check your account balance, visit www.txbstores.com, or call 833-594-5245.

Treat this Card like cash. To use, simply present this Card to the sales associate at the time of purchase.

This Card is redeemable for merchandise only. After 12 months of non-use, a service/carrying fee of an amount not to exceed 99¢/month, applied in arrears, will be deducted from the balance of the Card, except where prohibited by law, until the Card balance is $0. TXB is not responsible for lost, stolen, altered, destroyed, or damaged Cards, or unauthorized use. The value on this Card will not be replaced if the Card is lost, stolen, altered, destroyed, damaged, or used without owner’s consent. Use and/or acceptance of this Card constitutes your acceptance of these terms, as well as any additional terms printed on the attached and/or accompanying packaging and/or point-of-sale materials. Use of this Card, combined with the use of any other prepaid goods and services for an amount that exceeds $1,000 in one day, is prohibited. Retailer names, designs and related marks are trademarks of Retailer. All rights reserved.