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5 Best Holiday Gift Card Ideas for Him

December 21, 2023

Two men smiling and holding a gift card.Two men smiling and holding a gift card.

The Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Best Gift Card for Guys

Men can often be more challenging to shop for than women. They don’t get as dazzled by the experiential aspect of unwrapping a pretty gift box, unraveling a satin ribbon, and unfurling layers of tissue paper. Most men have a more pragmatic appreciation for a gift. What does this thing do? How does this work? Will I use it? And if they want something, they’ve probably already bought it for themselves.

Gift Cards are the ultimate go-to gift for guys because, let's face it, they're not always the easiest to buy for. A Gift Card gives them the freedom to pick out exactly what they want, whether it's upgrading a gaming setup, enjoying a meal at a favorite spot, or getting that perfect tool for a project. No more awkward moments pretending to love that tie or sweater. It’s a win-win for everyone.

See below guide for the best Gift Cards for men.


Vanilla® Visa®, Mastercard®, and American Express® Gift Cards

Ideal for the guys who like versatility.

Gift cards with holiday designs on a wooden background.Gift cards with holiday designs on a wooden background.


Bank-issued gift cards, like Visa® Gift Cards, Mastercard® Gift Cards, and American Express® Gift Cards, are an excellent choice for both the giver and the recipient. There are so many advantages of using bank-issued gift cards for your gift-giving needs.

Advantages of Bank Issued Gift Cards

  1. Universal Acceptance

           One of the most significant benefits of bank-issued gift cards is their universal acceptance. They can be used anywhere Visa®, Mastercard®, and American Express® are accepted. This means that the lucky recipient can use

           his Gift Card to purchase from a broad selection of products or services.

  1. Flexibility

           Whether it's clothing, electronics, dining, or travel, the recipient can pick out something they want or need.

  1. Ease of Use

          These gift cards are incredibly easy to use. The recipient can swipe to make an in-store purchase or enter the card details for online shopping.

  1. Funds Never Expire

          This means the recipient can use them whenever they please. There’s no pressure to use the Gift Card within a limited timeframe.

          From their universal acceptance and flexibility to their security and ease of use, these Gift Cards are a practical and thoughtful way to stress-free giving and getting.

           Browse Visa®, Mastercard®, and American Express® Gift Cards.


Multi-Brand Gift Cards 

Great for guys with themed interests.

Graphic with three themed gift cards showing various brand logos.Graphic with three themed gift cards showing various brand logos.

Multi-Brand Gift Cards are themed to specific interests and offer a tailored, but versatile gifting option. Need a gift for a gamer? A foodie? A health fanatic? The Gift Card Shop has just the card. These cards allow you to cater to his specific interests, ensuring a thoughtful and personalized gift. He’ll love the flexibility to explore various brands or products within a theme, and appreciate a customized gifting experience.

Check out all of the Multi-Brand Gift Cards.


Streaming & Gaming 

A go-to gift for guys who love their screens.

Hulu card, remote control, and a bowl of popcorn.Hulu card, remote control, and a bowl of popcorn.

Do you know a guy who always has a game controller or TV remote in his hand? Streaming & Gaming Gift Cards are the way to go for these men. These cards unlock a world of endless entertainment, whether he spends his time completing missions in Starfield with an XBox Gift Card or ROFL while streaming The History of the World, Part II on Hulu with a Hulu Gift Card. He’ll love picking his favorite games, movies, or TV shows. If you want to score big, and see his face light up like a neon sign, give him a Gaming & Streaming Gift Card.

Browse all Streaming & Gaming Gift Cards.


Sports & Outdoors 

Just right for sports buffs.

Golf accessories and a gift card on a blue wooden surface.Golf accessories and a gift card on a blue wooden surface.

If you're looking for a gift for a sports enthusiast, Sports & Outdoors Gift Cards are a thoughtful choice. Whether he’s the type who proudly wears his team’s jersey or drives around with golf clubs in his trunk, Sports & Outdoors Gift Cards lets him indulge in his favorite sports moments. The golfer will love to practice his swing with a Topgolf Gift Card. It's a gift that ensures he'll have a memorable sports-related experience that resonates with his passion.

See all Sports & Outdoors Gift Cards.


Home & Garden

Perfect for the handyman.

A tool belt with various tools and a Lowe's gift card against a green background.A tool belt with various tools and a Lowe's gift card against a green background.

Handymen have a passion for fixing and improving their living spaces. Home & Garden Gift Cards let him choose the tools, materials, or decor items he needs for his next project. Whether it's a new set of power tools, paint for a fresh coat on the walls, or even a stylish outdoor patio set, a Home & Garden Gift Card lets him select the perfect item. A Lowe’s Gift Card is a thoughtful gift that not only acknowledges his DIY spirit, but also ensures he can tackle his tasks with enthusiasm and the right resources.

Shop Home & Garden Gift Cards.


Stress-Free Gifting for Him 

Finding the perfect gift for the men doesn’t have to be a challenge. Whether it's the universal acceptance and flexibility of Visa®, Mastercard®, and American Express® Gift Cards, the themed interests catered to by Multi-Brand Gift Cards, the joy of Streaming & Gaming, the sports passion satisfied by Sports & Outdoors Gift Cards, or the DIY spirit fueled by Home & Garden Gift Cards, there's a right Gift Card for every guy. Get him exactly what he wants, and say goodbye to gifting guesswork. Make your holiday gift-giving stress-free and meaningful with these top gift card options.


Gift cards and good vibes!

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