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Elevate Your Company's Gifting Strategy with Custom Gift Cards

February 1, 2024

Work desk with tablet, coffee cup, glasses, and business cards.Work desk with tablet, coffee cup, glasses, and business cards.

Whether you are a small business or a corporate powerhouse, expressing gratitude and appreciation towards employees and customers plays a crucial role in fostering a positive environment. Convey your sentiments with a Custom Gift Card while strengthening your brand. In this blog, we’ll walk you through the benefits of a corporate branded Gift card, the easy steps to create your gift, and explore five ways to apply this corporate gifting strategy.


The Benefit of Company Branded Gifts

Corporate branding plays a pivotal role in establishing a strong and memorable identity for businesses, and this extends to your gifting strategy. The importance of company branding in this context goes beyond merely putting a logo on a Gift Card – it's about creating a lasting impression that resonates with recipients.  

Company branded gifts serve many purposes. Firstly, it enhances brand visibility as these items travel far and wide, serving as mobile advertisements for the company. Secondly, it creates a sense of unity and pride among employees, contributing to a positive company culture. A company branded Gift Card can leave a lasting impact on clients, reinforcing brand recognition and creating goodwill. Ultimately, corporate branding in the realm of gifts is a powerful tool for fostering relationships, increasing brand awareness, and standing out in a competitive market. 


Add Company Branding to Your Gift Card in 5 Easy Steps

 Add custom images or a logo to your gift card to strengthen your brand and convey your brand personality.

Two stylized debit cards on a colorful background with the text "Icon Image" and "Full Card Image" indicating different sizes.Two stylized debit cards on a colorful background with the text "Icon Image" and "Full Card Image" indicating different sizes.


  1. Visit Create a Custom Design.
  2. Select a Gift Card - Select "Custom Gift Card - Photo" if you would like a full card image. (The image will take up the entire Gift Card.) Select "Custom Gift Card - Logo" to just add a logo. Your logo will be placed at the top left corner of the Gift Card.
  3. Upload a photo or image. You can upload an image as JPEG or PNG, 10 MB max.
  4. Write a message. Write a message like "Great Job" for an accomplished employee or "Thanks" for a valued customer. You can also add your company tagline if it's 21 characters or less. There are also many prewritten messages you can pick from. 
  5. Add card value. Whether you intend the gift as a casual lunch or an impactful splurge, you can add any amount between $10 - $500.

          Add to cart and check out. Whether you need the Gift Card(s) immediately or for a future event, there are shipping options to suit different needs. Click here to read about shipping options.


Is Your Company Looking to Show Appreciation While Strengthening Your Brand?

5 Fun Occasions to Give a Company Branded Gift Card

Assorted prepaid debit cards with various designs.Assorted prepaid debit cards with various designs.
  1. Employee Recognition
    Acknowledge outstanding performance or celebrate work anniversaries with a tangible token of appreciation. A custom Gift Card not only serves as a thoughtful recognition but also reinforces a positive company culture. 
  2. Holiday Gifts 
    Spread festive cheer among your employees by distributing custom gift cards as holiday gifts. Whether it's during the holiday season or to mark the end of the fiscal year, these personalized tokens carry a special touch that show appreciation.  
  3. Employee Referral Program
    Encourage a culture of teamwork and growth by implementing an employee referral program. Motivate your workforce to refer potential candidates by offering custom Gift Cards as incentives for successful hires. This not only strengthens your team but also adds a personal touch to your employee engagement initiatives.
  4. Customer Appreciation 
    Loyal customers are the backbone of any successful business. Express your gratitude by extending custom Gift Cards to them as a token of appreciation for their continued support. This not only strengthens your customer relationships but also enhances brand loyalty.
  5. Incentive Programs
    Drive motivation and productivity by implementing incentive programs that reward employees for achieving specific goals or milestones. Custom logo gift cards serve as tangible and meaningful rewards, motivating employees to reach new heights and contributing to the overall success of your organization.
Two professionals smiling at a laptop with a branded debit card advertisement.Two professionals smiling at a laptop with a branded debit card advertisement.

Custom branded Gift Cards can be powerful tools for expressing appreciation, boosting morale, and strengthening goodwill within and outside your organization. By incorporating these practices into your gifting strategy, you not only enhance the overall employee and customer experience but also showcase the unique identity and brand image of your company. Elevate your gifting game with custom branded Gift Cards and make every occasion a memorable token of appreciation or success. 


Click here to visit Create a Custom Gift Card. 


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