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Most approved eGift orders are delivered within 15 minutes but can take up to 24 hours.
Please note: All cards will have a base shimmer silver treatment that is not shown in the preview.

From laptops and tablets to furniture, luggage, business essentials and more, there’s something for everyone at Staples®. Plus, Staples gift cards can be redeemed in stores nationwide as well as online at To find a store near you, go to or call 1-800-STAPLES. Give yourself the gift of choice with a Staples gift card.

Using your eGift Card is simple:

Redeem Online

  1. Shop at
  2. At checkout enter the Card Number and PIN shown above.

Redeem in Store

  1. Print this page.
  2. Present this page to the cashier when you are checking out at your local Staples store.


For balance or questions, call 1-888-609-6963 or visit Value can be added to this card at any Staples U.S. retail store.

You may redeem this eGift Card at any Staples U.S. retail store or at This card is not redeemable for cash.


Cashier step for redemption:

  1. Select “Cash/Gift Card Redeemed”
  2. Key the amount to be redeemed from the eGift Card
  3. Press “ENTER”
  4. Scan the barcode. If the barcode cannot be scanned, key in the 19-digit number found at the top of the eGift Card. Note: This eGift Card cannot be swiped.
  5. Press “OK (F2)”
  6. Press “Key the 4-digit PIN”
  7. Press “OK (F2)”
  8. Once the eGift Card is approved, if amount approved on the card is the full sale amount, the transaction will be complete. If a balance remains, select another form of tender and complete transaction.


Instructions: This card may be used just like cash toward the purchase of merchandise and services at Staples® U.S. retail stores and at®. For balance or questions, call 1-888-609-6963 or visit Value can be added to this card at any Staples U.S. retail store.

Terms and Conditions: Valid only if purchased from a Staples U.S. retail store, at or if purchased or received from an authorized reseller or distributor; Staples reserves the right to not honor cards obtained from unauthorized sellers, including persons selling on auction Web sites, and to deactivate or reject cards issued or procured in connection with fraudulent transactions. Card has no value until activated. Lost, stolen or damaged cards replaced only with valid proof of purchase to extent of remaining card balance. Cannot be used for credit card payments or to purchase other gift cards (including Staples gift cards) or wireless cards. Not redeemable for cash or credit except where required by law. No more than five cards may be used for any single purchase. Cards may not be returned or consolidated. Card issued by Staples Value, LLC, a Virginia limited liability company.